Latasha Foggie, RN, BSN, MSN


Holistic Nurse and V Steam Specialist
Owner and Founder of Victory V, LLC


In 2014 after the birth of her second child, Tasha experienced some very traumatic post-partum issues that lead her taking her overall health and wellness more serious. Those painful experiences inspired her to search for more Holistic treatment options to naturally heal her body. During this journey, she realized the importance of SELFCARE.

Tasha is a registered nurse with over 12 years’ experience with a Masters in Nursing and she knows the importance of proper education and care that enhances wellness and quality of life.  For the past 2 years Tasha has taken a more holistic approach in caring for others.

With a passion for Women’s Health and over 8 years’ experience, she has witnessed the increasing concerns around women’s health and overall reproductive wellness. Tasha has combined extensive hours of research and self-practice to develop natural ways to treat and potentially prevent many of these concerns.

In 2017, Tasha began healing her body through vaginal steaming. Vaginal Steaming, also known as a V-steam is an effective and relaxing way to improve reproductive health and wellness. This is a practice that has been used for centuries by many cultures. Tasha knows what vaginal steaming can do to heal the body so she studied and became a V-Steam Specialist and started Victory V, LLC. She teaches and emphasizes the importance of healthy reproductive organs. Tasha believes understanding the benefits of healthy reproductive organs can help all women achieve a VICTORIOUS state of wellness.